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Geo-Poetic Spaces

Ishmael Von Heidrick-Barnes

San Diego,  CA





Ishmael von Heidrick-Barnes is an award winning poet and editor with experience in cross-cultural artistic collaborations. He has college degrees in Religion and Theology and Surgical Technology. He has worked and studied with Dr. Sam Hamod and the late San Diego poet Linda Brown.


Ishmael collaborated with German artist Roger Rigorth in 2008 with the show entitled, "Personal Geography," at LA Artcore Brewery Annex and at the 2013 Environmental Art Biennale at I-Park in Connecticut. His writings have been translated into German and Spanish.


Ishmael writes lyrics for European opera singer Andrea Hoerkens and the German music group, Tender Art, which has released two CDs: "Illumination" (2011) and "Nuances of Sound" (2016).




Ishmael's first volume of poems, INTIMATE GEOGRAPHY: POEMS, was published in June 2012 by Ragged Sky Press in Princeton, NJ. The book won the 2012 San Diego Book Award for Best Published Poetry and is available on,, and


Ishmael's 2016 book URBAN LEGENDS is a collaboration of drawings and poetry with the renowned Cypriot fine artist, Tatiana Tavoukjian Ferahian. The book was published in Nicosia, Cyprus, by Moufflon Publications and won a 2017 Bronze Medal in Pygmalion Award in the category of Illustration for Ms. Ferahian's art. URBAN LEGENDS was selected for exhibition at: *

* Spine Exhibit of Artists' Books in Nicosia, Cyprus, 2017

* European Capitol of Art "Life and Death Exhibition" in Paphos, Cyprus, 2017

* Cyprus Folk Art Museum in Nicosia, Cyprus, 2017.

In 2018 the Cypriot Cultural Ministry invited Ms. Ferahian and Ishmael to present URBAN LEGENDS at the House of Cyprus at the Cypriot Embassy in Athens, Greece.




Ishmael and Ms. Ferahian collaborated on an installation of art and poetry, "Butterfly Effect," which was selected for the 2017 Shingle 22j Biennale at Anzio and Nettuno, Italy.


From 2014 to 2018, Ishmael produced a weekly video column with the San Diego Free Press entitled "Geo-Poetic Spaces," a fusion of his poetry and visual art. Ishmael wrote, filmed, and edited over 230 video poems for the San Diego Free Press.

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